Background Information and History

"Villiersdorp Moskonfyt en Vrugtekoöperasie Beperk" was inaugurated on 28 January 1922 with the main purpose to produce "moskonfyt" (grape must jam). In 1980 the name was changed to Villiersdorp Co-operative Ltd and in 1990, after amalgamation with the Harmonie Co-op the trade name VILKO were generally in use.

The Co-op mainly concentrated on value adding for its members by supplying farming requisites as well as the handling and marketing of agricultural products such as fruit, wine grapes and grain. Recently the wine cellar was restructured in a separate company owned by the wine grape producers. Villiersdorp Co-operative still owns a minority share in the winery.

Villiersdorp Co-operative will however from now on focus on its core business namely the procurement and supplying of farming requisites for the fruit producer.


Our vision is to enhance product and service delivery to the agricultural sector and thereby fulfil a value adding roll for our members so that every stakeholder can reap benefit on the long run from our existence. 

Core Values


Honesty and integrity
Communication focus
Clients and personnel are our most important assets
Maintaining and expanding long term relationships with key suppliers
Recognition to the people that work for us
Creating a culture of continuous improvement
Equal opportunities for all 

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